Pestlab Exterminator offers eco-friendly pest control services with high standards in Siem Reap, Phnom PenhPoipet, Kampot, and Kep mainly, but also in Kampong Thom, Sihanoukville, Battambang, and Sisophon. Our expertise is available for individuals and businesses in Cambodia. In food production areas, we use internationally authorized products that respect the environment and health. They are recommended in integrated pest management and procedures based on HACCP principles. In general, we are always trying to limit our environmental impact as well as the risks for the applicants and clients by using eco-friendly, organic techniques or products with low toxicity.


A fully integrated pest management should include a physical cleaning approach that can be technical or requests using products reserved for professionals only. In the food production area, Pestlab Exterminator also offers deep cleaning services for kitchens.

And to eliminate smaller pests like fungus, bacteria, or viruses we propose our disinfection service for any premise.


Pest control Mosquito Cambodia

During the rainy season in Cambodia, tiger mosquitoes are a major public health issue since they are dengue’s main vector. In the dry season, Culex mosquitoes develop in the standing water of the drainage system that is not flushed out until they become millions.

Therefore, our mosquito control is provided in up to 3 services to control the population at all steps of development:

1. Treatment of water source (water ponds and gutters) with an organic larvicide or guppy fish

2. Use mosquito traps from Biogents that attract and catch mosquitoes with CO2 and lure.

3. If needed, we can do punctual treatment by spraying a high-quality biocide (class 2 – WHO) or surfactant on the vegetation, and potential nets if it falls outside the area covered by the mosquito trap.

Biogents CO2 mosquito trap Cambodia

The objective is to provide the most efficient treatment 24/7, with the most limited impact on the environment or no impact at all.

We never use thermal foggers. Indeed, these devices generate a toxic fog that is hazardous for users, clients, and nature.

RODENT CONTROL (rats and mice)

mouse rat rodent control CambodiaWe provide rodent pest control service using anticoagulant type baits, packaged in wax blocs or rodenticide paste. We will place secured bait stations or tamperproof boxes, closed and containing the rodenticide bait. At each intervention, the technician will check all the stations and boxes inside and outside the premises.

In the food production zone under HACCP rules, we use a mechanical trapping system with a weekly check.


Ant Exterminator CambodiaAnt control service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odorless and harmless for humans & pets. We will apply it close to each connection with the outside.

The ants will consume the product that is attractive to them (sweet) and they will return to the colony. Then they will regurgitate it to the other ants to feed them. This phenomenon is called prophylaxis. Indeed, they will be poisoning the other ants, including the queen. The ultimate objective is to eradicate the whole colony by killing the queen.

This treatment is valid for any ants except the large red ants (weaver ants) where mechanical treatment should be applied.


Cockroach control Cambodia

Cockroach disinsection service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odorless and harmless for humans & pets. The product will be applied during the pest control in every wet room (kitchen, bathrooms/toilets) and every area liable to be infested.

To treat cockroaches in sewage traps, we spray micro-encapsulated insecticides that remain active for more than one month. To reduce the risk of insecticide resistance, we respect a regular rotation of active matter used.


We install and maintain high-performance glue traps using patented Korean LED technology against flies. The attraction of these lights is much more effective than classic UV lights.


Bed bug Eradication Cambodia

We avoid using insecticides against bed bugs since most bedbug stains have become resistant to insecticides.

Instead of chemical treatments, we use professional vacuum cleaning, hot steam water, and diatomaceous earth in the treatment against bed bugs. In addition, to avoid newly hatched eggs becoming adults, we use some remnant insect growth regulators that are still chemical, but much less toxic than insecticides.

TERMITE CONTROLTermites extermination Cambodia

To exterminate termite colonies, we will use the termite control system developed and produced by ExTerminex. We install termite bait stations in connection with the colony. Afterward, termites will eat it and share it with the other termites. There is an insect growth regulator (low toxicity) with the bait and that will kill all the termites in a couple of weeks. When termite workers start eating the bait, they stop eating the other wood parts as our baits are of much higher palatability for them.

As it is impossible to estimate the size of the colony, the exact number of refills is unknown in advance. The whole process typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks.



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