Pest Lab Cambodia offers the most professional pest control service in Siem Reap. Our 15 years expertise in France is now available for individuals and businesses. In production area, we use only internationally authorized products that respect the environment and health. They are recommended in the practice of integrated pest management and in the procedures based on HACCP rules.

RODENT CONTROL (rats and mice)

Mouse rodent rat pest control Conciergerie Siem Reap

The rodent pest control service is provided with anticoagulant type baits, packaged in wax blocs or rodenticide paste. The placing will be proceeded with secured bait stations or tamperproof boxes, closed and containing the rodenticide bait. At each intervention, the technician will check all the stations and boxes inside and outside the premise.

One of the young rodents will ingest the bait to test if it is safe. As apparently it will seem to be safe, the other rodents of the colony will also eat it. After a few days, the rodents will feel weaker because of internal bleedings. As they need to go outside everyday in order to drink, they will most probably not be able to climb back inside the building and will slowly die outside. Note that the effect of the biocide is not painful for the rodent.

In case of infestation, the technician may be led to change the bait and biocide substance in order to avoid acquired tolerance.


Ant pest control Siem Reap HACCP The ant disinsection service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odourless and harmless for humans & pets. We will apply it close to each connection with the outside.

The ants will consume the product which is attractive for them (sweet) and will return to the colony. Then they will regurgitate it to the other ants in order to feed them. This phenomenon is called trophallaxis. In fact, they will be poisoning the others ants, including the queen. The ultimate objective is to eradicate all the colony by killing the queen.

This treatment is valid for any kind of ants except the large red ants (weaver ants). We have to treat nest by nest with a class 2 WHO as one queen can generate tens of small nets decimated on a large area.


Cockroach pest control Conciergerie Siem Reap

The cockroach disinsection service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odourless and harmless for humans & pets.
The product will be applied during the pest control in every wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms/toilets) and every area liable to be infested.

The cockroaches will consume the product which is attractive for them (oily) and will return to the colony. The biocide remains in their fecal matters that the other cockroach of the colony will eat and get poisoned at their turn. In that way, all the colony can be fully eradicated.


Mosquito pest control Conciergerie Siem Reap

The mosquito control is provided in 2 services in order to control the population at all steps of development:

  • treatment of water source (water ponds and gutters) with an organic larvicide,
  • treatment by spraying a high quality biocide (class 2 – WHO) on the vegetation, potential nets and external parts that are often watered.


The treatment against flies is carried out with the setting-up of bait stations containing granular composed of sexual pheromones, food and a powerful insecticide. The attracted flies consume the bait and die within minutes.

Use of this product in bait stations is approved in integrated pest management programs.

Alternatively, fly control can be carried out using micro-encapsulated insecticide to treat all flying insects, including flies. These kinds of treatment are not recommended in food production areas (kitchen, food storage).


Bedbug treatment pest control Conciergerie Siem Reap HACCP safeOur treatment of bedbugs does not require any chemical compound because we carry it out using hot steam as bed bugs die when temperature reach more than 60°C. We will apply steam to all cracks, crevices, joints of beds and furniture, mattress, plinths, parquet flooring, baseboards and all woodworks revealing gaps.

This process present the advantage of being totally natural, eco-friendly, odourless. Thus it offers availability of the room or suite immediately after the treatment.

In case of persistence or heavy infestation, some micro-encapsuled biocide might be used on the floor and wall (but never on the bedding for health reason).


There are many different techniques for treating the termites which depends on:

  • pre-existing infection or prevention,
  • location (soil, water table, general humidity),
  • construction materials in general and those in contact with the soil,
  • budget and flexibility,
  • pre-construction or post-construction,
  • need of a formal guarantee.

The best solution can only be decided after an inspection on site and a deep discussion.


We use repellents  that are sprayed in the main access way or around the building to reduce the number of reptiles.

For snakes, we recommend to proceed with a efficient rodent control first as snakes are often coming to a location because they are found of mice and might not be receptive to the repellent if they are actively tracking a mouse.


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