Pest control Siem Reap Mosquito traps Biogents

The mosquito control is provided in up to 3 services in order to control the population at all steps of development:

1. Treatment of water source (water ponds and gutters) with an organic larvicide,

2. Use of mosquito traps that attracts and catches mosquitoes with CO2 and lure. This technique reduces continuously the global population of mosquitoes around the trap without any risk for health (clients, staff and user) or from reduced efficiency due to insecticide resistance. The trap works 24/7 in order to protect you all the time.

3. Punctual treatment by spraying a high-quality biocide (class 2 – WHO) on the vegetation, potential nets and external parts that are often watered if it falls outside the area covered by the mosquito trap.

The objective is to provide the most efficient treatment, in continue, with the most limited impact on the environment (and no impact if possible).

We never use the thermal foggers. Indeed, these devices generate a toxic fog which is dangerous for the user, the clients and the nature.  Instead we use a special ULV sprayers (also called cold fogging) which create a light mist. Thus, the spraying is always under control and we can use only what is necessary for mosquito control, saving bees and butterflies.

For a fully eco-friendly treatment, we offer as an option the CO2 traps for mosquitoes by Biogents.


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