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Mosquito control is provided in up to 3 services to control the population at all steps of development:

1. Avoid mosquito larva

We perform treatment of potential breeding sites (water ponds and gutters) with an organic larvicide. An alternative for larger-size recipients is to add guppy fish inside.
Another alternative against Aedes mosquitoes is to remove all the potential breeding sites and install passive Gravid Aedes Traps (BG-GAT) so that the gravid female mosquitoes get stuck inside the trap instead of laying their eggs. Unfortunately, this system is valid against Aedes mosquitoes (vector of dengue, zika, chikungunya) but not the other species.

2. Active mosquito traps

Biogents Logo mosquito trap Siem ReapWe use mosquito traps made by Biogents that attract and catch mosquitoes with CO2 and a lure. This technique continuously reduces the global population of mosquitoes around the trap without any risk to health (clients, staff, and users) or reduced efficiency due to insecticide resistance. The trap works 24/7 and that way it protects you all the time.

3. Surfactant spraying

When needed, we can adjust with punctual treatment by spraying a surfactant solution on the vegetation, potential nets, and external parts often watered if it falls outside the area covered by the mosquito trap.

The objective is to provide the most efficient treatment, in continuation, with the most limited impact on the environment (and no impact if possible). Therefore, we NEVER use thermal foggers. Indeed, these devices generate a toxic fog from diesel which is dangerous for the user, the clients, and nature. Instead, we use special sprayers that create a mist that is always under control. Furthermore, the surfactant is lethal for small-sized flying insects like mosquitoes, not for larger ones. Thus, the spraying saves bees, dragonflies, and butterflies.

If you are on a budget and prefer to do it yourself, you can also check out our shop where you will find user-friendly and eco-friendly traps.