Cockroach control Siem Reap

The cockroach disinsection service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odorless and harmless for humans & pets.
The product will be applied during the pest control in every wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms/toilets) and every area liable to be infested.

The cockroaches will consume the product which is attractive for them and will return to the colony. The biocide remains in their fecal matters that the other cockroach of the colony will eat and get poisoned at their turn. In that way, all the colony can be fully eradicated.

For treating the colonies in sewage traps, we spray micro-encapsuled insecticides that are active for more than one month. We respect a regular rotation of active matter to reduce the risk of resistance.

There are mainly 2 kinds of cockroaches in Cambodia, the Oriental (which as large) and the Germanic (which are small). The Australian ones are very easy to eradicate as they can only be found in wet area, whereas the Germanic ones are able to travel more in the whole building and can easily get hidden in unsuspected areas.


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