To exterminate termite colonies, we will use the control system developed and produced by ExTerminex. We install bait stations in connection with the colony. Afterward, termites will eat it and share it with the other mates. Inside the bait is a high-quality insect growth regulator (low toxicity) that will kill all the termites, including the queen, in a few weeks. Afterward, when termites workers start eating the bait, they stop damaging other wood parts as our baits are of much higher palatability for them. Thus, given the very low toxicity of the bait, we can use it without risk indoor and in presence of kids and pets.Termites extermination Cambodia

As it is impossible to estimate the size of the colony, the exact number of refills is unknown in advance. The whole process typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

You can ask for an inspection. In the meantime, do not spray any insecticide in this area, as this would push the termite to move into another unknown part of the house where we would not be able to treat them.