Bed bugs


Bed bug Siem Reap pest control

Insecticides that we use are remnant and non-repellent. Therefore, it stays active and will continue killing bed bugs even a few days after the treatment. Indeed, this is particularly important to kill the newly hatched bedbugs that were still in an egg during the treatment. Therefore, the rooms should remain unused and not cleaned between the 2 treatments and also 3 days after the second treatment. The main product used is made in Australia and it is specially designed for the extermination of bedbugs in South-East Asia, including pyrethroid-resistant strains. Though, we will apply the insecticides to all cracks, crevices, joints of beds and furniture, mattress, plinths, parquet flooring, baseboards and all woodworks revealing gaps.

Furthermore, for the mattress, we use a pro-insecticide, which means that it is metabolized into an active insecticide only after entering the insect. Therefore, this pro-insecticide are safer for human.


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