Ant control Siem Reap ExterminatorThe ant disinsection service is provided with an insecticide bait gel that is odorless and harmless for humans & pets. We will apply it close to each connection with the outside and where ants are expected to come.

The ants will consume the product which is attractive for them (sweet) and will return to the colony. Then they will regurgitate it to the other ants to feed them. This phenomenon is called trophallaxis. In fact, they will be poisoning the others ants, including the queen. The ultimate objective is to eradicate all the colonies by killing the queen.

This treatment is valid for any kind of ants except the large red ants (weaver ants). We have to treat nest by nest mechanically and/or with a class 2 WHO insecticide as one queen can generate tens of small nets decimated on a large area.