Disinfection and Virus Elimination

Coronavirus COVID-19 disinfection in Cambodia

For disinfection of your premise against virus, we use a quaternary ammonium solution from USA that is a very effective virucid product. 5 minutes after application, all the virus are exterminated. The products are safe even on food surface and it is FDA approved. That way, we will not only destroy any coronavirus or bacteria with the disinfection effect, but also improve effectively the hygiene of your premise and help in the general cleaning.

Some products have been specially designed for use in premises where hygiene is vital like clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, kindergartens. Others are more adapted to be used in restaurants, office, factories or gyms… They are efficient against Corona / Covid-19 virus with some remnant effect (but only partial) during up to 7 days.

Our team are fully equipped and professionally trained to give the safest and most effective result. We have experience in disinfecting hotels, residence, gyms, office spaces, factories…

Price for this professional service depends on the size of the area to treat, kind of space and frequency of treatment.

Quotation for a disinfection