High Standards

We use  brands of high standards for biocides from Switzerland, France, USA, Germany and Japan. Why using the big brands?

=> modern products, latest technology.

Large brands can afford to invest in researches that costs tens of millions of dollars to create new products.

=> adapted to the natural behaviours of the pests for a better result using less products.

Research by these large companies focus not only on the development of molecules, but also on the behaviour study of the pests, The idea is to use them as the best agent of the control as the pests know better where is their nest, their juveniles or eggs and how to reach their queen.

=> safest for the environment and health.

Using less product through more adapted use and products that respect the strictest regulation helps to improve the environment.

=> natural resistance to old products.

Most of the pest get used to products and substances that have been on market for tens of years. The darwinien process select the pest that are the most resistant to these old substances or techniques. Going to new treatment in itself helps to overcome this arising resistance.