BG-Bowl (active mosquito trap for tiger mosquitoes)


  • Budget active mosquito trap
  • Optimized to attract tiger mosquitoes and southern house mosquitoes (Culex)
  • User friendly and eco-friendly
  • For outdoor use mainly (indoor possible but a bit noisy)
  • Covers 100 sqm
  • Need to add artificial human scent separately


BG-Bowl active mosquito trap

  • Active trap that simulates the smell of a human body to attract mosquitoes
  • Tiger mosquitoes (Aedes) and southern house mosquitoes (Culex) will be sucked into the BG-Mosquitaire and will be dehydrate in a couple of hours
  • Request an electric connection 24/7
  • User friendly and eco-friendly
  • For indoor and outdoor use (but protected from sun and rain)
  • Lure (BG-Sweetscent) needs to be purchased separately
  • Developed in Germany by Biogents AG
  • Presentation in English :
  • Presentation in Khmer (CO2 version) :
  • Assembly :


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